Welcome to Lightwalk

Lightwalk is a True20 campaign whose theme could probably best be described as “magipunk.” The world of Lightwalk is your normal world of elves, dwarves, wizards, and magic, but with a twist. In Lightwalk, magic has progressed to the point of emulating modern or futuristic technology. The game allows me to explore the sorts of themes, plot lines, and character ideas that you would see in a modern, or cyberpunk setting, but in the familiar (and easier to play) shoes of a fantasy game. It also means I don’t have to actually know anything about any sort of science, and can hand wave things as magic!

For anyone wondering, the game is called Lightwalk because I did an internet search for campaign ideas. I came across the idea for this campaign, and it was described as “a reverse Shadowrun.” When I told my dad about it, I started with that same tagline, and he joked, “so, it’s Lightwalk?” and it stuck.


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