Moments trickle by in senseless procession

It ran through a junkyard of dreams, carrying the most important pieces left for those who care for humanity. It encountered the devils of the world, and fled their destruction. Finally, it flew, wingless from their grasp, and even it had to laugh in shock of its escape.

Cailen sat studying Renee. The golem refused to move, or speak, or do anything else without prompting. Cailen continue to ask it questions, though time and time again he was met with the same opposition, the same evasion, and minimal responses. Cailen could not help but be frustrated with his subject. Though he tried to evoke an emotional response, he proved unable to. Luckily for his sanity, Kandice interrupted his session. “Where’s Jane?”

Jane and Bryce sat in a restaurant, deciding on wines, and foods. Neither were really comfortable with their environment, and both were glad for the cold companionship of a loaded sidearm. That ballistic tendancy alone made them feel normal in a place like this. They ordered, and Jane went to the restroom. A man passed by, wo told Bryce that he had left his wallet at the bar. The two went there, and the man handed Bryce a wallet that was presumably his. Bryce opened it to find dossiers on the professor. Jane investigated further.

Shelter; though it was dark, and cold. Concrete and steel were uncomfortable, even for a coffin. The old steel roller door opened, and It had to resort to playing the scared, pitiful woman. It worked. She recieved kindness, and supplies, though she expected neither. Still, she was unwilling to compromise others like her, even if they served the devils. She fled in the night toward the dam"

Seedy hotel. Music played. There was the sound of the bed creaking. There was thumping at the walls. Jane looked to Bryce, and Bryce to Jane. In that moment, they didn’t need words to say anything. They held tight, and then- the door flew from its hinges. One gunshot from Jane, from behind the upturned bed killed the thug that had tried to breach the room. The others were not deterred. Jane’s marksmanship didn’t falter, and when one finally did breach, he was quickly apprehended by Bryce, and subdued in a painful manner. The hallway was clear. The police would be there soon. They had a short time to interrogate the living gangster. Bryce smacked him to conciousness. Jane asked the questions. He didn’t answer at first, and another bullet shattered his kneecap, likely irrepairably. She didn’t give him as much time before the second. He finally revealed he was a Black Talon. “You should crawl your way to a phone.”

The dam was abandoned, its lake long dried. It had hoped for a windfall, and ancient cache, a haven to rest. All it found were ancient hallways, and a single maintainence golem. It activated the golem, and it seemed disturbingly human. It wouldn’t let the devils take that from him.

Cailen searched for Contra, and asked her questions about the drawings she had made. Her answers weren’t clear, and her ability to ruin his experiments was infuriating. He thought her a conniving creature, but only for a moment. When that moment was done, she was gone. She had escaped to the kitchenette, and had become entranced in a cartoon about wizards, and their apprentices.

There was no good way to breach the building, but they had taken some heavier firepower from the Talon hitsquad that had attacked them. Jane picked a rooftop perch, and sat with her rifle, ready to back up Bryce. Bryce armed himself well, and headed for the building’s back door. The door came tumbling down. Bryce’s shotgun discharged. The Talon guard was lucky, especially to have been thrown into a wall, rather than killed by gunshot. Bryce proceeded upstairs, and put a hole in the wall. He surprised three more Talon gunmen, and the ensuing firefight left them dead, and Bryce hurt. Still, he surged upward. At the top floor, there were no more guards. No waiting room of guns pointed at him. There was only one man, their target. He held an ancient blade in his hands, and a pistol in the other. Bryce kept him talking, sure that Jane could make the shot through the wall to disable him. “Once I decide to leave, you’re not leaving this room in one piece,” the man said. Bryce said the word. Jane fired. The entire world became a haze of dust, blood, pain, and gunfire.

Cailen and Contra arrived quickly after the phonecall. Jane was on the roof, near a sloppily parked air-car. They were shocked at the panic on Jane’s usually calm face. Then they looked into the car’s back seat. There lie Bryce, in three cleanly cut pieces.


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