Stone Congregation

The stone golem, Emmanual is found, and his plans are revealed.

En route to the Drydocks the team was assaulted by a pack of goblins. The goblins quickly descended onBryce, shorting the circuits in his magitech legs, and forcing him into a slumped defeat. Contra parlayed with the beasts for safe passage, and the repair of Bryce. The creatures did not have the authority to trade, but took Contra, and Cailen to their bosses.

These bosses were two Black Talon lieutenants. One was a rough fellow, named Niko. The other was their old acquaintence, Lucas. After some brief discussion, in which the two Black Talons were reluctant to offer aid, Contra stole Lucas’s sidearm, and used Lucas’s life as a bargaining chip. The thugs revealed that they did not know where Emmanual was, but that they knew someone who might, and who might also be able to repair Bryce.

Bryce awoke in the care of a crass magitechnician, who seemed to loathe working on cyborgs. He repaired Byrce to full working order. After some convincing, he told the team that they could find Emmanual in the junkyard, though he was otherwise reluctant to meddle in Emmanual’s business. The team followed his direction, and soon found themselves faced with a conflict between a Nova Libram security force, and another stone golem.

The team interfered in the conflict, with little effect. The golem was disabled with an Arcane Disruptive Pulse grenade, thrown by the security force. The team was able, however, to convince the team to leave. This left Brilliant time to converse with the golem’s spirit. The golem identified himself as Friedrich, and showed a desire to live. Cailen transferred the golem’s programming to a blank rune-board, and the team activated the golem’s destruct sequence.

The team continued on to find the junkyard, and Emmanual within. They talked with Emmanual at length, and they learned that he saw bringing other golems to sentience as his life’s duty. He refused to return to Renee, and expressed a seeming lack of concern for Renee’s choice not to join his congregation. The party returned to Renee, and delivered this news. Renee did not want to remain aware of his thoughts, and pain, but agreed to return to Vandole Tower with them.


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