Bryce Boltzmann

A cop who became a cyborg after a tragic accident


Bryce Boltzmann was born to a family of distinguished police officers who lived in one of the smaller districts of the City of Spellport. Growing up he always knew what he wanted to be and that was to be a police officer like his father and grandfather before him, his play always reflected this he loved to run, explore, and play cops and robbers, his parents thought it was cute when he was caught staying up late to read his father’s old case logs. His academic career was stellar and he joined the police academy right out of high school. It was there that he met a young lady by the name of Jane Brennan whom he shared a common interest with, the two became fast friends and helped each other succeeded in the areas that puzzled them, for Brennan, Bryce helped her with Marksmanship, investigation, the martial disciplines and law history, for Boltzmann Jane helped him with Law theory and application, officers’ conduct. Interrogation, persuasion and Bryce’s most hated opponent, Paperwork. The two graduated with honors and were delighted when they were informed that they were to be partners after being assigned to S.P.P.D. Precinct 19

The two took to the streets like a storm, and earned several commendations for bravery, and service. The two were quickly assigned to the S.T.A.G (Special Tactics Anti-Gang) Unit. There, they had been instrumental in several high profile gang busts as well as being directly responsible for the arrest of Black Talon Lieutenant Marcus Lesotho who was arrested with several million dollars’ worth of illegal magitech weapons. This, on top of the pair’s records, placed them on the fast track to promotions and desk jobs away from the violence of the streets. Bryce himself had mixed feelings about this, he certainly could do with the extra money and prestige that would come with a promotion but he was also loved what he was doing now. Working the street and doing what he was good at. But if it was what Jane wanted, then it would be what she got.

The two had started dating but had agreed to not make any rash decisions while they were both working the streets. Desk jobs would be the perfect answer to that. On there last week before promotion season, the two were sent out to patrol the area around Spellport Magitech Institute. All was quiet until they received a dispatch, one of the science buildings began to shake and fall apart. The two responded quickly, finding something that they had little experience with, A Golem made of iron and stone standing ten feet tall was rampaging through the campus proper several broken bodies already lay strewn about the two quickly exited there vehicle and moved to intercept. Bryce stopped only for a moment to retrieve the Shotgun from the trunk of the Cruiser before joining Brennan but was shocked when he saw his partner and longtime friend fire several shots before being snatched up and waved around like a ragdoll by her leg before being thrown away like garbage. He saw red and began to fire on the Creature with whatever he could. Apparently he hit something vital or did more damage than others did because the Golem focused on him and made him pay for the damage he did to its frame. The Golem beat him in to the ground before stomping on him several times before punting him through a heavy glass door.

Bryce awoke to find himself unable to move and barely able to see he listened to various doctors, coworkers and attorneys who came and went to tell him about his situation, offer advice and their condolences. But all he heard was “ your body is broken beyond repair, you will never be able to walk, see or shit on your own again but at least your alive” he sneered at the looks of pity his fellow police officers gave him but when a man showed up and offered him a chance to live again he felt that his prayers had been answered, placing his mark on the paper he was enrolled in the Personal Scale Magitech Initiative they rebuilt his body giving him new limbs organs and eyes. Afterwards he read just what he had signed on for. He was to remain in the force for as long as the program deemed it necessary; this was not a problem for him. But the part that was, was the early termination agreement, that stated that the Initiative would retrieve all of their components should he not comply with the contract.

Several years have passed since that incident. Bryce now works in the Special Response Team as a squad Sergeant under the watchful eyes of Captain Brennan.

Bryce Boltzmann

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