The Dark Wizard

A powerful dark soul that had tortured Kandice for years.


A figure cloaked in mystery and darkness, very little is known about the dark wizard other than he seems to hold a connection to both Kandice Vandole and to an ancient sword. His intentions are unknown to all except Brilliant Hazard, but even he does not fully comprehend what the man has planned. The wizard was first encountered within a magical world projected by Kandice Vandole. He attempted to possess the girl, though was thwarted by the team’s efforts. A sword strikingly similar to the sword he once wielded is now in possession of Isaac Revoldo and has been shown to have supernatural sharpness. It is unconfirmed if the wizard and this blade are connected.


Eons old, this one may be out of his own time, but his power is formidable. He may have once been a great warlord who ruled long ago. Though driven from Kandice’s mind, he remains trapped within the magical prison beneath Vandole Tower. His motives are unknown…

The Dark Wizard

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