Moments trickle by in senseless procession

It ran through a junkyard of dreams, carrying the most important pieces left for those who care for humanity. It encountered the devils of the world, and fled their destruction. Finally, it flew, wingless from their grasp, and even it had to laugh in shock of its escape.

Cailen sat studying Renee. The golem refused to move, or speak, or do anything else without prompting. Cailen continue to ask it questions, though time and time again he was met with the same opposition, the same evasion, and minimal responses. Cailen could not help but be frustrated with his subject. Though he tried to evoke an emotional response, he proved unable to. Luckily for his sanity, Kandice interrupted his session. “Where’s Jane?”

Jane and Bryce sat in a restaurant, deciding on wines, and foods. Neither were really comfortable with their environment, and both were glad for the cold companionship of a loaded sidearm. That ballistic tendancy alone made them feel normal in a place like this. They ordered, and Jane went to the restroom. A man passed by, wo told Bryce that he had left his wallet at the bar. The two went there, and the man handed Bryce a wallet that was presumably his. Bryce opened it to find dossiers on the professor. Jane investigated further.

Shelter; though it was dark, and cold. Concrete and steel were uncomfortable, even for a coffin. The old steel roller door opened, and It had to resort to playing the scared, pitiful woman. It worked. She recieved kindness, and supplies, though she expected neither. Still, she was unwilling to compromise others like her, even if they served the devils. She fled in the night toward the dam"

Seedy hotel. Music played. There was the sound of the bed creaking. There was thumping at the walls. Jane looked to Bryce, and Bryce to Jane. In that moment, they didn’t need words to say anything. They held tight, and then- the door flew from its hinges. One gunshot from Jane, from behind the upturned bed killed the thug that had tried to breach the room. The others were not deterred. Jane’s marksmanship didn’t falter, and when one finally did breach, he was quickly apprehended by Bryce, and subdued in a painful manner. The hallway was clear. The police would be there soon. They had a short time to interrogate the living gangster. Bryce smacked him to conciousness. Jane asked the questions. He didn’t answer at first, and another bullet shattered his kneecap, likely irrepairably. She didn’t give him as much time before the second. He finally revealed he was a Black Talon. “You should crawl your way to a phone.”

The dam was abandoned, its lake long dried. It had hoped for a windfall, and ancient cache, a haven to rest. All it found were ancient hallways, and a single maintainence golem. It activated the golem, and it seemed disturbingly human. It wouldn’t let the devils take that from him.

Cailen searched for Contra, and asked her questions about the drawings she had made. Her answers weren’t clear, and her ability to ruin his experiments was infuriating. He thought her a conniving creature, but only for a moment. When that moment was done, she was gone. She had escaped to the kitchenette, and had become entranced in a cartoon about wizards, and their apprentices.

There was no good way to breach the building, but they had taken some heavier firepower from the Talon hitsquad that had attacked them. Jane picked a rooftop perch, and sat with her rifle, ready to back up Bryce. Bryce armed himself well, and headed for the building’s back door. The door came tumbling down. Bryce’s shotgun discharged. The Talon guard was lucky, especially to have been thrown into a wall, rather than killed by gunshot. Bryce proceeded upstairs, and put a hole in the wall. He surprised three more Talon gunmen, and the ensuing firefight left them dead, and Bryce hurt. Still, he surged upward. At the top floor, there were no more guards. No waiting room of guns pointed at him. There was only one man, their target. He held an ancient blade in his hands, and a pistol in the other. Bryce kept him talking, sure that Jane could make the shot through the wall to disable him. “Once I decide to leave, you’re not leaving this room in one piece,” the man said. Bryce said the word. Jane fired. The entire world became a haze of dust, blood, pain, and gunfire.

Cailen and Contra arrived quickly after the phonecall. Jane was on the roof, near a sloppily parked air-car. They were shocked at the panic on Jane’s usually calm face. Then they looked into the car’s back seat. There lie Bryce, in three cleanly cut pieces.

Stone Congregation
The stone golem, Emmanual is found, and his plans are revealed.

En route to the Drydocks the team was assaulted by a pack of goblins. The goblins quickly descended onBryce, shorting the circuits in his magitech legs, and forcing him into a slumped defeat. Contra parlayed with the beasts for safe passage, and the repair of Bryce. The creatures did not have the authority to trade, but took Contra, and Cailen to their bosses.

These bosses were two Black Talon lieutenants. One was a rough fellow, named Niko. The other was their old acquaintence, Lucas. After some brief discussion, in which the two Black Talons were reluctant to offer aid, Contra stole Lucas’s sidearm, and used Lucas’s life as a bargaining chip. The thugs revealed that they did not know where Emmanual was, but that they knew someone who might, and who might also be able to repair Bryce.

Bryce awoke in the care of a crass magitechnician, who seemed to loathe working on cyborgs. He repaired Byrce to full working order. After some convincing, he told the team that they could find Emmanual in the junkyard, though he was otherwise reluctant to meddle in Emmanual’s business. The team followed his direction, and soon found themselves faced with a conflict between a Nova Libram security force, and another stone golem.

The team interfered in the conflict, with little effect. The golem was disabled with an Arcane Disruptive Pulse grenade, thrown by the security force. The team was able, however, to convince the team to leave. This left Brilliant time to converse with the golem’s spirit. The golem identified himself as Friedrich, and showed a desire to live. Cailen transferred the golem’s programming to a blank rune-board, and the team activated the golem’s destruct sequence.

The team continued on to find the junkyard, and Emmanual within. They talked with Emmanual at length, and they learned that he saw bringing other golems to sentience as his life’s duty. He refused to return to Renee, and expressed a seeming lack of concern for Renee’s choice not to join his congregation. The party returned to Renee, and delivered this news. Renee did not want to remain aware of his thoughts, and pain, but agreed to return to Vandole Tower with them.

Stone Compassion
A sapient stone golem seeks help in recovering his missing companion

Cailen was contacted by an old colleague, who wanted his help with something particular. They met over coffee, which Cailen did not partake of. They proceeded from Apollos Coffee Shop to the Temple of Leviira. There, in the basement, Cailen met with Renee, a stone golem who had developed a life, and personality of his own. Renee implored Cailen to find his companion, Emmanual, in the city’s catacombs. Cailen inquired as to why, and Renee confessed his love for Emmanual. Cailen sought the help of Bryce, Contra, and Brilliant, in assisting the golem.

The team departed to the temple, under the guise of performing a training excercize. they spoke with Renee, who explained that he and Emmanual had escaped from the Nova Libram facilities in the city. Bryce pressed further, and learned that a Nova Libram security guard had been killed by Emmanual. Bryce needed to hear no more to decide that Emmanual was a threat, that might have to be dealt with. The team proceeded into the catacombs in search of Emmanual, and ended up in Undertown, a city of vagrants and outcasts. After gaining the grudging acceptance of the people, they traded for goods and information. They learned that Emmanual had returned this way, and had headed toward The Drydocks. They followed, wondering what sort of being Emmanual would turn out to be.

Shadow Consumption
Kandyria sends her new acquisitions to examine her daughter

The Professor’s lab was rebuilt on the 31st floor of the Vandole tower, sans the professor himself. With only a short while to gain their bearings, Cailen, the female subject, and the male subject were briefed by a lab assistant named Liam about Kandyria’s daughter, Kandice. Bryce and Jane arrived soon after, to assume their new positions at Vandole Tower. Bryce was assigned to floor 31, to protect Cailen and the subjects, while Jane was sent to meet personally with Kandyria.

Liam explained that Kandice was contained deep below Vandole Tower, in order to protect her, and the residents of the tower, from the uncontrollable magical power that she possessed. The four were properly equipped to deal with trouble, but assured that Kandice’s suppression field should keep her sedated, and her powers controlled. Liam distributed identification badges for Cailen, and Bryce, and then to the female subject, who chose the name Contra Hazard, and to the male subject, who had the name Brilliant Hazard assigned to him. Thus prepared, the four proceeded to the sub-basement, where they boarded the elevator to the containment room.

The ride down the elevator was long, and claustrauphobic, despite the massive size of the elevator. On the way down, the team was put into contact with their mission liason, who turned out to be none other than Jane. Before the team was fully down the shaft, it suddenly stopped. The team left the elevator, and proceeded on foot down the service ramp to the first security bulkhead. Jane lost visual contact after the second security bulkhead, but the team decided to press on. Beyond the third bulkhead, everything changed.

Kandice’s magic was obviously not contained, because beyond the third bulkhead was a simulcrum of the outside world, crafted in an idyllic style. The team investigated trees that withered when the fruit was plucked, gardens in which spirits hid in the shadows of every flower, and city streets where shadowed children played. All the while, Brilliant noticed a recurring chant to a spell he could not identify, woven into the whistle of the wind, and the chatter of children.

In the shadowy city streets, a conflict finally arose. Shadowed figures shot at Bryce and Contra, and they fought back in kind. Brilliant, however, sought the minds of these attackers, and learned they originated from a single source. He approaced that source, and made contact with its mind, and thus ended the assault. The source was a young woman, covered from head to toe in soot.

Cailen, Bryce, and Contra focused on retrieving the girl, and bringing her back to consciouness. The cleaned the soot from her, and upon the completion of that, the shadowed city turned to a grassy plane. A small wooden house assembled itself around the team, and the fallen girl. They decided to explore further, and so decided to craft a gurney, so as to bring the unconscious young woman with them. They travelled a short while from the house, before finding a shadowed mansion.

In the mansion, the girl awoke, and cried foul against Brilliant. She implored Bryce, and Contra, to kill him. Bryce took Brilliant outside of the mansion, while Contra spoke to her. Though the girl’s words were confusing, it was obvious that something was wrong. It become more apparent when the room was cloaked in darkness, and something, attacked. Contra lashed out at it, critically wounding the assailent. Bryce and Brilliant returned to the mansion. Brilliant lifted the darkness, and touched the mind of the shadowed assailent. He learned that this being was once an ancient and powerful wizard. Bryce and Contra focused on defeating this being, and protecting the girl.

When the shadow was defeated, they awoke in the containment room beneath Vandole Tower, with the yooung girl with them, now identified as Kandice. They had little time to celebrate though, as a shadowy force began to expand through the room. The team and Kandice made their way out of the chamber, locking security bulkheads on their way out, and finally back to the sub-basement. There, they were met by several members of the Spellport State Defense Force.

During their mission, Jane had fed information about Kandyria to the Thrusian Intelligence Agency, and an agent had come, with the SSDF, to take control of the team, and to procure the cooperation of Kandyria. Kandyria reluctantly agreed, and the agent assigned Jane to oversee the team’s further projects.

Spirit Acquisition
A powerful wizard takes interest in Professor Revoldo's research

While, Cailen, the male experiment, and the female experiment waited in holding cells, Bryce sat down to file the paperwork for the raid on the lab. Before he could get much work done, a sudden, terrible whirlwind ripped violently through the precinct, sending paper flying, and the officers to taking cover. A portal opened in the middle of the room, and a confidant woman stepped through. She demanded that the officers drop their weapons, and take her to see Jane. Bryce complied.

The woman was introduced as Kandyria Vandole, archmage of the Vandole Tower. Her stated goal was to correct the human rights violations committed against the two newly created beings. Her manner suggested much different. Her power, and influence, won her the custody of the two newborns, as well as Cailen, and all of the professor’s research, and devices. At the end of the day, she invited Bryce to meet her at the Silver Lounge. There, she explained the plight of her daughter, and asked Bryce to join in helping her. Bryce went home, and thought about the implications of the day’s events, and decided to that he would talk to Jane about a career change.

Spirit Emanation
Sudden chaos forces the lab residents out into the world

Bryce Boltzman, a member of an elite police strike force, reminisced about the surgery that replaced most of his critically injured body with experimental magitech synthetics, while preparing for an operation. The Black Talon crime syndicate had lost a leader, and the power vacuum had caused chaos in the organization. That chaos was turning the city streets into a war zone, and Bryce’s squad was assigned to secure a suspected illegal magitech lab. Meanwhile, in the professor’s lab, Cailen observed the newborn souls. The professor was away, meeting with the lab’s benefactors when there was a buzz at the door. Lucas had returned, but this time more panicked. He revealed very little, but it was apparent he was shaken.

Lucas’s panic was related to the chaos in the Black Talons, and the lab that Bryce was sent to secure was the very same that the professor’s experiment took place in. All points collided at the lab. The Black Talons were driven from the building, or killed, Lucas was arrested, and the inhabitants of the lab escaped to meet the police. After a short altercation, Bryce and his squad were able to apprehend the lab inhabitants, and take them in for questioning. Bryce’s old partner, Jane, questioned them, but gleaned little information. At the end of the day, everyone was left wondering about their future.

Spirit Conception
Two souls ripped from eternity become bound to bodies

In a secret lab, the professor, and his assistant, Cailen succeeded in isolating a male soul, and a female soul. Using their magitech devices, the professor and Cailen formed bodies for these isolated souls. The two created beings were much like newborns, and had no memories, but did seem to have certain knowledge and abilities. The professor tried to educate these new lives, and Cailen tried to observe how they would develop. As the weeks passed, and the two entities grew, the lab was disturbed by a gangster named Lucas, and his entourage. The professor used his magitech devices to regrow Lucas’s missing arm, leaving the newborn entities to wonder at the relationship between these two men.


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