Shadow Consumption

Kandyria sends her new acquisitions to examine her daughter

The Professor’s lab was rebuilt on the 31st floor of the Vandole tower, sans the professor himself. With only a short while to gain their bearings, Cailen, the female subject, and the male subject were briefed by a lab assistant named Liam about Kandyria’s daughter, Kandice. Bryce and Jane arrived soon after, to assume their new positions at Vandole Tower. Bryce was assigned to floor 31, to protect Cailen and the subjects, while Jane was sent to meet personally with Kandyria.

Liam explained that Kandice was contained deep below Vandole Tower, in order to protect her, and the residents of the tower, from the uncontrollable magical power that she possessed. The four were properly equipped to deal with trouble, but assured that Kandice’s suppression field should keep her sedated, and her powers controlled. Liam distributed identification badges for Cailen, and Bryce, and then to the female subject, who chose the name Contra Hazard, and to the male subject, who had the name Brilliant Hazard assigned to him. Thus prepared, the four proceeded to the sub-basement, where they boarded the elevator to the containment room.

The ride down the elevator was long, and claustrauphobic, despite the massive size of the elevator. On the way down, the team was put into contact with their mission liason, who turned out to be none other than Jane. Before the team was fully down the shaft, it suddenly stopped. The team left the elevator, and proceeded on foot down the service ramp to the first security bulkhead. Jane lost visual contact after the second security bulkhead, but the team decided to press on. Beyond the third bulkhead, everything changed.

Kandice’s magic was obviously not contained, because beyond the third bulkhead was a simulcrum of the outside world, crafted in an idyllic style. The team investigated trees that withered when the fruit was plucked, gardens in which spirits hid in the shadows of every flower, and city streets where shadowed children played. All the while, Brilliant noticed a recurring chant to a spell he could not identify, woven into the whistle of the wind, and the chatter of children.

In the shadowy city streets, a conflict finally arose. Shadowed figures shot at Bryce and Contra, and they fought back in kind. Brilliant, however, sought the minds of these attackers, and learned they originated from a single source. He approaced that source, and made contact with its mind, and thus ended the assault. The source was a young woman, covered from head to toe in soot.

Cailen, Bryce, and Contra focused on retrieving the girl, and bringing her back to consciouness. The cleaned the soot from her, and upon the completion of that, the shadowed city turned to a grassy plane. A small wooden house assembled itself around the team, and the fallen girl. They decided to explore further, and so decided to craft a gurney, so as to bring the unconscious young woman with them. They travelled a short while from the house, before finding a shadowed mansion.

In the mansion, the girl awoke, and cried foul against Brilliant. She implored Bryce, and Contra, to kill him. Bryce took Brilliant outside of the mansion, while Contra spoke to her. Though the girl’s words were confusing, it was obvious that something was wrong. It become more apparent when the room was cloaked in darkness, and something, attacked. Contra lashed out at it, critically wounding the assailent. Bryce and Brilliant returned to the mansion. Brilliant lifted the darkness, and touched the mind of the shadowed assailent. He learned that this being was once an ancient and powerful wizard. Bryce and Contra focused on defeating this being, and protecting the girl.

When the shadow was defeated, they awoke in the containment room beneath Vandole Tower, with the yooung girl with them, now identified as Kandice. They had little time to celebrate though, as a shadowy force began to expand through the room. The team and Kandice made their way out of the chamber, locking security bulkheads on their way out, and finally back to the sub-basement. There, they were met by several members of the Spellport State Defense Force.

During their mission, Jane had fed information about Kandyria to the Thrusian Intelligence Agency, and an agent had come, with the SSDF, to take control of the team, and to procure the cooperation of Kandyria. Kandyria reluctantly agreed, and the agent assigned Jane to oversee the team’s further projects.


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