Spirit Acquisition

A powerful wizard takes interest in Professor Revoldo's research

While, Cailen, the male experiment, and the female experiment waited in holding cells, Bryce sat down to file the paperwork for the raid on the lab. Before he could get much work done, a sudden, terrible whirlwind ripped violently through the precinct, sending paper flying, and the officers to taking cover. A portal opened in the middle of the room, and a confidant woman stepped through. She demanded that the officers drop their weapons, and take her to see Jane. Bryce complied.

The woman was introduced as Kandyria Vandole, archmage of the Vandole Tower. Her stated goal was to correct the human rights violations committed against the two newly created beings. Her manner suggested much different. Her power, and influence, won her the custody of the two newborns, as well as Cailen, and all of the professor’s research, and devices. At the end of the day, she invited Bryce to meet her at the Silver Lounge. There, she explained the plight of her daughter, and asked Bryce to join in helping her. Bryce went home, and thought about the implications of the day’s events, and decided to that he would talk to Jane about a career change.


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