Spirit Emanation

Sudden chaos forces the lab residents out into the world

Bryce Boltzman, a member of an elite police strike force, reminisced about the surgery that replaced most of his critically injured body with experimental magitech synthetics, while preparing for an operation. The Black Talon crime syndicate had lost a leader, and the power vacuum had caused chaos in the organization. That chaos was turning the city streets into a war zone, and Bryce’s squad was assigned to secure a suspected illegal magitech lab. Meanwhile, in the professor’s lab, Cailen observed the newborn souls. The professor was away, meeting with the lab’s benefactors when there was a buzz at the door. Lucas had returned, but this time more panicked. He revealed very little, but it was apparent he was shaken.

Lucas’s panic was related to the chaos in the Black Talons, and the lab that Bryce was sent to secure was the very same that the professor’s experiment took place in. All points collided at the lab. The Black Talons were driven from the building, or killed, Lucas was arrested, and the inhabitants of the lab escaped to meet the police. After a short altercation, Bryce and his squad were able to apprehend the lab inhabitants, and take them in for questioning. Bryce’s old partner, Jane, questioned them, but gleaned little information. At the end of the day, everyone was left wondering about their future.


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