Stone Compassion

A sapient stone golem seeks help in recovering his missing companion

Cailen was contacted by an old colleague, who wanted his help with something particular. They met over coffee, which Cailen did not partake of. They proceeded from Apollos Coffee Shop to the Temple of Leviira. There, in the basement, Cailen met with Renee, a stone golem who had developed a life, and personality of his own. Renee implored Cailen to find his companion, Emmanual, in the city’s catacombs. Cailen inquired as to why, and Renee confessed his love for Emmanual. Cailen sought the help of Bryce, Contra, and Brilliant, in assisting the golem.

The team departed to the temple, under the guise of performing a training excercize. they spoke with Renee, who explained that he and Emmanual had escaped from the Nova Libram facilities in the city. Bryce pressed further, and learned that a Nova Libram security guard had been killed by Emmanual. Bryce needed to hear no more to decide that Emmanual was a threat, that might have to be dealt with. The team proceeded into the catacombs in search of Emmanual, and ended up in Undertown, a city of vagrants and outcasts. After gaining the grudging acceptance of the people, they traded for goods and information. They learned that Emmanual had returned this way, and had headed toward The Drydocks. They followed, wondering what sort of being Emmanual would turn out to be.


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