Contra Hazard

One of the two beings isolated and formed by Dr. Isaac Revoldo


Upon casual inspection, she appears to be a naive young girl, unable to understand even the simplest of abstract concepts. She has long, wavy white hair, pink eyes, and normally sports clothes that have gone well beyond the point of simply being “tattered”. She seems to be able to create spikes out of her flesh, in any shape, any length, and at any point on her body. She usually has a set of three spikes on both sides of her head, sticking out like horns. It is unknown whether she is consciously creating them or not.

Since her creation, Contra has picked out a name for herself, and seems to have developed the ability to understand and describe basic emotions. She often questions other characters on their motivations and feelings, sometimes aided by a set of ink splotch cards she obtained from Liam. She spends her time playing catch with the other experiment, seeking out food, or sleeping.

Contra often speaks of an “it”, something that “faces the things I don’t want to” and “feels things I don’t”. She has described her hands as acting on their own accord during the first encounter with Bryce, saying “I didn’t attack him, they did.” There’s a great deal of variation in the amount of competence and knowledge she possesses, she’s been seen handling firearms and body armor with a practiced ease on several occasions.

Contra Hazard

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